Feline Medicine & Surgery

Stress-Free & Compassionate Care for the Special Needs of the Feline Patient

Cats Are Not Small Dogs – We Know That

Cats have medical issues exclusive to them, and at Headwaters Veterinary, we have the experience to address them. Cats are very good at hiding their ailments, and it takes care and experience to help them.

veterinarian holding a black kitten

Headwaters’ Feline Medicinal Services

We offer Preventive & Wellness Care (including vaccinations), internal medicine, surgery, advanced diagnostics, treatment for sick and injured cats, boarding, microchipping and nutritional counseling.

Our experienced veterinarians offer a lifetime of care, whether you have show cats or barn mousers. We start with kitten disease testing and vaccines, preventative care, lifetime wellness checks and geriatric testing for kidney disease, thyroid issues and diabetes.

Frequently Asked Feline Questions

I need to board my cat at your facility while I’m away. Will she be separated from barking dogs?

Yes! We have a separate, peaceful cat boarding room.

I went to a pet food store and bought an expensive food they recommended. My cat is acting sick. What should I do?

Unfortunately, many pet stores make recommendations in order to sell food, without taking into consideration the special nutritional needs of cats. The only veterinary nutritionists are actual veterinarians, and are always happy to discuss nutritional issues with you.

My cat was bitten by a rodent/raccoon/dog. Do I need to worry about rabies?

While Rare, rabies does exist in Montana. Call your veterinarian as soon as possible to discuss the circumstances and best course of action.

My cats are just barn cats. Do they need to go to the vet?

Barn cats have important jobs! They need vaccines and parasite control so that they stay happy, healthy and working!

My cat is in heat, or maybe just got bred. What should I do?

An OVH, or “spay,” is usually the best option. Cats are induced ovulators, meaning they can come into heat every few weeks!

What vaccines does my cat need?

If you have an indoor cat we recommend the 3-way vaccine which includes feline rhinotracheitis-calici-panleukopenia viruses (FRCP) and Rabies. If you have an outdoor cat or one who comes in and out, we recommend the FRCP, Feline Leukemia, and Rabies vaccines. Outdoor cats run the risk of coming in contact with these diseases when they mingle with other cats or animals.

Do you recommend declawing for my cat?

We never recommend declawing but will perform the surgery when necessary and once owners are educated about the procedure. Declawing involves amputating the last piece of bone off of each toe. Nails grow from this part of the bone. Surgical recovery is more painful for older and heavier cats.

Preferable options are:

  1. Soft Paws: Vinyl nail caps that are glued over the cat’s own nails. The cat cannot damage materials when it scratches due to the soft, rounded ends of the caps. The nail caps usually last 4-6 weeks and fall off as the nail grows.
  2. Nail trimming once to twice a month
  3. Providing multiple scratching posts and training cats to use them

We ♥ Our Clients and Their Animals

Every staff member here has treated our animals (dog, cat, sheep) with kindness, compassion and expertise. We are so grateful to have such an incredible veterinary service in our community.

Kathleen Markham

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They went above and beyond with kindness and care when we had to put down our family dog abruptly, even though we had never been there. They treated us with such kindness and grace during a difficult time.
Would highly recommend! ❤

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