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Hold the Garlic!

Ahhh, Dr.Google again. There are a great number of websites from so-called experts and pet stores recommending garlic as a dewormer for dogs.  Some sites go as far as giving weight-dependent doses.  This practice is touted as a “natural,” or “holistic” approach to pet...

Blue – Pyothorax in Labrador Retriever

Blue – Pyothorax in Labrador Retriever

“Blue,” a six year-old male Labrador Retriever, came to us early one morning after becoming acutely ill with a high fever, difficulty breathing and difficulty rising. Under Dr. Aaron Mackley’s care, Blue was diagnosed with a pyothorax (a dangerous, infectious case of chest infection.)

Dog Food Made Easy (Easier!)

Dog Food Made Easy (Easier!)

The internet is a wonderful, modern resource for many things.  Unfortunately, it can also be a font of misinformation and misleading ideas.  At our hospital, we frequently see clients spending unnecessary funds, accidentally compromising the health of their pets and...

Cheated By Cheatgrass!

Cheated By Cheatgrass!

Cheatgrass is also known as downy brome, downy bromegrass, downy chess or June grass or by the scientific name, Bromus tectorum L. This weed is especially prevalent this year in Southwestern Montana. A yearly annual, cheat grass is non-toxic, but still presents a set...

Montana Lab Gets Saved

In early July, a wonderful yellow lab was brought to us from Butte, Montana.  He was struck on the interstate and did significant damage to his tibia (shinbone.)  His repair was achieved using minimally invasive plating. The plate is slid under the skin and soft...

Saint Bernard in the snow

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Jennifer Baral

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