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We Recognize the Importance of Cattle Health & Production to Montana Ranchers

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Whether you have one cow or a herd of 2000, our experienced large animal veterinarians have the knowledge and skill you need. We offer outcalls for services, and can bring one of out hydraulic Silencer chutes to your ranch to help things run smoothly. We also offer haul in service for smaller numbers of animals or individual care. We are available by phone or appointment to consult with you about the vaccine, nutrition and reproductive needs of your herd. We have a large inventory of vaccine and reproductive products that can be tailored to your needs.

Drs. Kelly Hall and Aaron Mackley are the staff veterinarians for Montana Livestock, and are certified in alternative livestock. Their extensive experience with large animals is an asset to producers from Helena to Cameron.

Frequently Asked Bovine Questions

Do you use ultrasound to pregnancy test cows?
We perform both ultrasound and traditional palpation based on the stage of gestation and information needed in a specific situation.
What information does ultrasound provide that palpation does not?
Ultrasound allows a more accurate expected calving date, fetal sex determination, and the ability to spot a non-viable or dead fetus. It also can detect pregnancy at an earlier stage of gestation and identify twins.
When is the best time to ultrasound and why does it need to be done earlier?
Ultrasound will detect pregnancy from 20 days to term. For accurate fetal aging measurement of the diameter of the calf’s skull is best. After 120 days the fetus is becoming too large and it’s position in the cow unfavorable for doing this efficiently. Below are the ideal ultrasound dates. We are able to work outside of these ranges but these are the most accurate and efficient stages of gestation for ultrasound. Ultrasound Timeline Fetal aging: 30-110 days of gestation Fetal sexing: 60-90 days of gestation
Do you bring a chute with you for herd work?
We will provide a portable silencer hydraulic chute that the veterinarian will operate unless the producer has similar equipment. Along with the obvious safety benefits for man and beast, this also frees up manpower and speeds the process immensely.

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"The vets at Headwaters are amazing! They are incredible at treating cats, dogs, horses and cattle. We use Dr. Kelly Hall for many horse issues and he is outstanding. We are so lucky to have them in the area. The whole staff is wonderful!!!!"

-Lynn Hirschy

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They went above and beyond with kindness and care when we had to put down our family dog abruptly, even though we had never been there. They treated us with such kindness and grace during a difficult time.
Would highly recommend! ❤

Sage Beeler